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VRTC aims to provide the best Rideshare Insurance, Cars For Hire, and Professional Smash Repairs for accidental cars in Melbourne.

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Rideshare Insurance & Hire Car Services

VIC Rideshare & Taxi Club Inc. is your local Melbourne rideshare insurance and hire car company providing a wide range of car insurance packages that covers specified loss or damage to your taxi or rideshare vehicle.

Theft / Damage Cover

Ensure cover for accidents and vehicle thefts

Hire Car Cover

Provides hire cars for rideshare car insurance

Taxi/ Rideshare Cover

Covers specified loss or damage to rideshare cars

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About VIC Rideshare & Taxi Club Inc.

Save Dollars On Your Car Insurance

Get complete and all-inclusive rideshare car insurance in Melbourne, Australia with customised plans to choose from. Right from the theft liability to accidental coverage and smash repair, you get it all with our comprehensive plans.

Many Melbourne’s rideshare insurance companies have a lengthy claim process, but it’s not the same with us. You can make a claim online, and expect a prompt response from our team. We take pride in quick response time for rideshare insurance.

Our years of experience and industry reputation have helped us in becoming the trusted choice of local drivers. Not only this, we also offer immediate roadside assistance and instant towing of your damaged car.

Our Difference

The Best Rideshare Car Insurance Service In Melbourne

We know how difficult it is for you to decide which insurance will work the best for your vehicle. Our team keeps your best interests in mind and help choose an ideal rideshare insurance in Melbourne that fits your needs. Whether you need car for hire in Melbourne or looking for a rideshare car insurance company in Melbourne, Victoria, we are the ones you can trust. Our cover includes:

Market value of car damage or loss
Damage to other cars & property by your car
Damage to your car from natural hazards
Theft or malicious damage to your car


Top Reasons To Choose Us

Flexible Payment Option

With our flexible payment options, you can manage your finances and choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

No Towing Fees

If your accidental vehicle can’t run back on the road, we will tow it for free as per the agreed terms and conditions.

New Venture Discounts

In case, you are new to the taxi business and need a rideshare insurance, we have got exciting discounts for you.

Comprehensive Insurance

With our all-inclusive comprehensive insurance, you get cover for everything from theft liability to accidental damage.

No Cancellation Fee

If you don’t want to continue, you can leave your insurance any time you want, with no extra cancellation fee.

Multi Policy Discount

Get three or more rideshare insurance or comprehensive car insurance done from us and get eligible for discount.

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It’s Easy To Make A Claim

In case, you get involved in an accident while ridesharing, it’s easy to make a claim.


Get your policy number, related documents and details of accident.


Lodge your claim with us and we’ll get back to you after verifying details.


Our team will assess the condition of your vehicle and proceed with the claim.

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